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A book by Georg Gebhard - 2019

After 10 years of worldwide research we present the book on fascinating design, pioneering technical solutions and the great history of a unique Alfa Romeo built between 1934 and 1937. Being a secret project of the brothers Jankovits and Alfa Romeo`s head of development Vittorio Jano.  A concept car Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche dreamed of.  The world’s first supercar of “modern” sports car design. The world’s first mid-engined sports car with a central driving position. A forerunner of Auto Union and Mercedes Benz high-speed  “silver arrows”.  A unique combination of a stunning aerodynamic body with technical innovations more than 20 years ahead of its time. A piece of fascinating history including a shootout during escaping the Iron Curtain

368 page Alfa Romeo Aerospider Book


Bruntingthorpe England 2011
Goodwood Festival 2009
Brooklands 2009
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